Thursday, May 9, 2013

Red Velvet's Update to the 3 month protective styles challenge

Sorry about the delay in posting our update to our 3 month protective style challenge. 

Coco is still finishing up her end of the year exams. I was trying to wait for her but she will post her update soon. Our protective styles challenge ended on the 15th of April. In case, you haven't been following our protective styles challenge on our blog. For the past 3 months, Coco and I have been rocking protective styles to help grow and retain the length or our hair. 

What are protective styles?????

A Protective Style is....
  •  A low manipulation hairstyle that gives your hair a break from daily manipulation. It also protects your hair especially your ends which are the weakest and oldest point of your hair from the elements and damage. 

To get more info on what are considered protective styles or what the purpose of a protective style please click the link below:

                                  Red Velvet and Coco's 3 month Protective Styles Challenge 

I cannot tell you how elated Coco and I were to finally end this challenge. Here's was how the 3 month challenge turned out.

Styles Red Velvet Rocked for the  3 month Protective Styles Challenge

The styles I chose to rock for our 3 month protective styles challenge are displayed below from left and desenncding to the bottom. The protective styles I used were braided extensions, shrunken fros, hair wraps, coils, cornrows with a shrunken fro and wigs

How Many Inches did Red Velvet's hair grow during the protective styles challenge?????

When I started this challenge I had about 1-2 inches of hair all over my head. Look at the picture below.

At the end of the protective styles challenge, I broke out the ruler and measured my hair.  I had between 4-5 inches of hair all over my head. 

It was extremely hard to take a pic measuring my hair myself. Next time I'm getting some
So I gained about 2 to 3 inches of growth total during this 3 month protective challenge.  Yay me!!!! Look  below at the difference in my hair compared to when I cut my hair in January in the picture above.


Red Velvet's Experience During the protective styles challenge 

My experience during this challenge was okay. My biggest challenge during this challenge was not quitting. I was fine at the beginning of our challenge. But the temptation of  rocking braidouts and stretched fros was  too real. I almost called it quits a week before the challenge was suppose to end. But I held on until the 15th of April  The very next day, I was rocking a braidout sigh the struggle (lol).  Despite, my struggle with 3 month's of protective styles. The biggest positive for me was the 2-3 inches of  hair growth. 

Overall, we loved the results from our 3 month protective styles challenge. We will definitely will be doing more of them in the future. But for 3 whole month, We do not know if can subject ourselves to that kind of torture (lol). Coco will post her update as soon as she finish her exams for the end of the year.

For those of you who participated in our 3 month protective styles challenge. What was your experience?


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