Monday, October 7, 2013

It's always better the second time around!!!

We are excited.....We are

This will be our 2nd hair challenge for this year. This challenge will take place for 2 months.  If  you remember our 1st protective styles challenge  that lasted 3 months. We barely made it and it almost drove us insane. 

This challenge will begin on Oct. 14th, 2013 and end on Dec. 14th, 2013.

Coco and I have not selected what type of protective style to rock for this challenge yet. We will keep you posted. Below are the styles that are acceptable for this protective styles challenge.

 Just in case, You do not know what's a protective style is.......

A Protective Style is....
  •  A low manipulation hairstyle that gives your hair a break from daily manipulation. It also protects your hair especially your ends which are the weakest and oldest point of your hair from elements and damage. 

Types of Protective Styles.... 
  • 2-Strand twists 
  • Bantu Knots 
  • Box Braids (Plaits)  
  • Buns (Along as they not too tight and comfortable for the wear)
  • Braids using Extensions (As long as they are not too tight)
  • Mini-Twists (Some people disagree,but I've had great results in the past)  
  • Shrunken Fro (Wearing your out without stretching your kinks and curls).
  • Weaves (This is controversial topic to some naturals but I feel as long as your hair is covered up and you do wear your hair out...It's fine)
  • Wigs (Same as above for Weaves)   

Protective Styles are great for protecting your hair from the elements and reducing hair breakage. They can help you retain or achieve a desired hair length. If you are stuck at a certain  hair length and aspire to grow longer lengths ( like BSL, APL and etc.). Protective styles (If done the right way) can help  prevent your kinks and curls from being damaged from the constant friction of your hair rubbing up on your clothes.

Coco has told me her verdict is still out. But she is loving the benefits of protective styling. My verdict is I have a love/dislike relationship with protective styling it has always helped me grow my hair back quickly. But what I dislike about protective styling is not being able to change my style frequently. What about you? Do you love or hate protective styling?Why?

We will keep you posted with our progress and take down results. Readers, feel free to join us with our 2nd protective styles challenge and share your results.

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